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Call for Book Chapters: Global Risk and Contingency Management Research in Times of Crisis

Call for Book Chapters Book Title: Global Risk and Contingency Management Research in Times of Crisis Editors Dr. Narasimha Rao Vajjhala, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of New York Tirana, Tirana (Albania) Professor Kenneth David Strang, W3-Research, New York (USA), RMIT University (Australia) Publisher: IGI Global (Headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA). Link for Submission of Chapters:

Initial invitation to journal article authors Jan 3, 2022

Full submission Mar 4, 2022

Review results due to authors Apr 1, 2022

Revisions due from authors Apr 15, 2022

Objective Risks can be identified, evaluated, mitigated, and evaluated, but the underlying uncertainty remains elusive. Risk is present across industries and sectors (private, public, and non-profit). As a result, organizations and governments worldwide are currently experiencing higher levels of risk. At the other end of the spectrum from risk, contingency is the buffer against expected risk and uncertainty. The objective of this book enhancement project is to let the authors revisit their prior peer-reviewed and published work and revise it in the context of the current post-covid pandemic scenario. This project provides an interdisciplinary approach to risk and contingency management, encouraging researchers and practitioners to provide best practices and a look into the future of this field. Target Audience This book examines the impact of a crisis, such as the pandemic that has tested organizations' risk and contingency management plans. While preparing these plans, most organizations did not prepare for a situation, such as the pandemic. Organizations had to revisit their contingency and risk management plans and strategies as the pandemic resulted in unprecedented crises. Recommended Topics The scope of this book is illustrated through the following topics (but are not limited to the following ones): · Introduction to Risk and Contingency Management · Risk Management Strategies and Frameworks · Contingency Management Benchmarks and Best Practices · Latest Trends in Risk and Contingency Management Risks · Covid Pandemic Risks and Contingencies · Contingency Management - Theory and Practice · Project Risk Management · Confirmation Bias in Risk Management · Risk Management in Financial Institutions · Geopolitical Risks · Climate Change Risks – Global Warming · Technology Investment Risks · New Technology Implementation Risks · Cybersecurity risks · Disaster Mitigation and Control · Bitcoin and Blockchain Security Risks · Disaster Management Preparedness · Risk Management in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) · Enterprise Risk Management Strategies · Risk Management Organizational Culture · Risk Decision Making Strategies · Risk Mitigation · Supply Chain Risks

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