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IJRCM - Volume 10 Issue 3 Published

The research investigates the risks in adopting and implementing big data analytics in Indian micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The researchers outlined a survey questionnaire for accumulating reactions from managers working in 50 Indian micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises on behalf of five vital commercial sectors. The application and use of big data analytics offer several significant problems for small companies as an investment in hardware and software resources are substantial. This study's findings provided experimental evidence on five critical challenges that Indian MSMEs face while adopting and implementing big data analytics: lack of human resources, data privacy and security, shortage of technological resources, deficiency of awareness, and financial implications. This study's findings emphasize the challenges that MSMEs face while leveraging big data analytics benefits. The research outcome will promote MSMEs' organizational leadership in planning and developing short-term and long-term information systems strategies.

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