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Project Management for European, Asian and African Practitioners - Theory and Technique Examples in Selected Professions

A Volume in Information Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM) book series, Springer-Verlag

Prof. Dr. Kenneth David Strang
W3 Research, USA
RMIT, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Narasimha Rao Vajjhala
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,
University of New York Tirana

About the Book

This volume will explore the confluence of regional nuances and global project management practices. Recognizing the unique socio-cultural, economic, and professional dynamics of Europe, Asia, and Africa, this volume will offer tailored project management insights for practitioners from these regions. In an era of globalization, why would one need a region-specific book? The answer lies in the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and business methodologies that differ across continents. This book will bridge the gap between global best practices and local relevance, ensuring project managers have the technical knowledge and cultural understanding to navigate challenges in varied professional landscapes. From the bustling metropolises of Asia and the diverse economies of Europe to the rapidly evolving landscapes of Africa, each chapter in this volume will explore deep real-world examples, case studies, and techniques tailored for success in specific professions within these regions. Whether an IT professional in Bangalore, a construction manager in Berlin, or an entrepreneur in Lagos, this volume aims to provide the tools, techniques, and regional insights one needs to lead projects to success.

Note: There are NO submission or acceptance fees for manuscripts submitted to this book publication. This book will be submitted for possible indexation to Scopus, Web of Science, and major indices.

Topics (Suggestive but not limited to)

The proposed tentative content for this book is given below:

  1. Introduction

    • The Global Landscape of Project Management

    • The Need for Regional Specificity 

  2. Europe: Diverse Economies, Unified Methodologies

    • Historical Context of European Project Management

    • Industry Spotlight: Healthcare, IT, and Manufacturing

  3. Asia: The Tiger Economies and Beyond

    • The Asian Approach to Project Management

    • Industry Spotlight: Information Technology, Infrastructure, and Services 

  4. Africa: The New Frontier of Opportunity

    • Embracing Tradition in Modern Project Management

    • Industry Spotlight: Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, and Telecommunications 

  5. Cross-Continental Collaborations

    • Managing Multi-Regional Projects

    • Communication, Culture, and Collaboration 

  6. Future Trends in Project Management

    • The Rise of Hybrid Methodologies

    • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion 

  7. Conclusion and Call for Action

    • The Way Forward: Blending Global Best Practices with Local Insights

Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another book, journal, or conference.

Kindly note the following when submitting your book chapter:

  • Submit an initial proposal through the Springer EquinOCS system, including the chapter title and the problem/purpose statement explaining the proposed chapter:


  • The length of the chapter should be 7,000-10,000 words.

  • Paper should be formatted as per the template provided. 

  • Ensure that the paper adheres to Springer Nature’s book chapter formatting guidelines:

  • All papers will be checked for plagiarism.

  • The chapter template is given below:

       Download Word Template



Feel free to email us if you have questions or want feedback on your proposed research question ( You may also contact us via professional social media at:

Important Dates

Expression of Interest              -    March 1, 2024

Draft chapter due date             -    May 30, 2024 

Peer review period- June 1      -    June 30, 2024

Finalized chapter due              -    July 15, 2024

Final acceptance notification   -    July 30, 2024

Book publication date              -    October 2024

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